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Why Dollhouses and Miniatures are for Everyone

When you were a child, did you dream of discovering a trunk full of treasures in a secret attic or sliding down a polished mahogany banister unseen?
Girl playing with dollhouse.

For centuries, children have stretched the bounds of their imagination and dreamed of possibilities while creating dollhouse miniature worlds in which to play. Once upon a time, maybe you did, too?

In a miniature world of one’s own, what might not be immediately attainable in reality suddenly becomes possible within an imaginative realm. In a dollhouse, for instance, you can imagine gazing at the stars through a brass telescope from the octagonal window in your bedroom or tiptoeing up to the rooftop cupola while waiting for the sun to appear. 

As the pace of modern life seems to perpetually pick up speed, dollhouses can serve as spaces for re-enchantment. Perhaps it’s the simple joys that you crave, such as sipping peach tea on a porch swing or taking a bubble bath in a porcelain tub.

In the imaginative realm of a dollhouse miniature world, you can experience simple joys like curling up by the fire in a plush velvet armchair with a calico cat on your lap whenever you please.   When life feels topsy-turvy, dollhouses can serve as meaningful spaces for slowing down, until we again feel refreshed and in tune.

On days when the world...

On days when the world seems helter-skelter or askew, dollhouses become microcosms for exploring and expressing the values that we treasure. Creating miniature worlds can help us to reconnect with the joy and serenity that we hold dear. 

Creating dollhouse miniature worlds can be a meditative activity, a quiet and peaceful time to contemplate away from our everyday cares. But it can also be as collaborative, engaging, and social as you want it to be -- a way to share, bond, and imagine the possibilities together with others who share your interest in creating miniature worlds. 

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