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February 11, 2022

Why You Should Color Code Your Planner

Are you new to using a planner?  Make sure to check out this helpful post on 5 Awesome Ideas on How to Use Your Planner here.


Now, after you have chosen the planner, I recommend that you beautifully organize it.  This is a great way to stay on top of tasks and make life easier for you and those who work with you.  The colors you choose will help when you're looking for specific tasks to find that task quickly.

Here are some reasons why you should color code your planner.


Increased Organization


Your planner is helping to keep your life more organized, but why not organize the planner as well? When you look at a monthly calendar and see a lot of text all in the same color, it tends to blend together. If you want to focus on certain things, or have a better idea of what is related to finances, home, family, work, or other areas of your life, it helps to use colors for each area. There are many ways to color code different sections of the planner to make it more effective for you.


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Having Fun with Customization


Color coding isn’t just about organization, but it is fun to do! Your planner becomes something you love working in because it’s pretty and you get to use different pens and artistic tools. Make it a creative project so that it is not only helping you be more productive, but becomes a fun creative outlet as well.


Keeping Areas of Your Life Separate


Another excellent benefit of color coding in your planner is to help keep different areas of your life (and schedule) separate. If you are filling out task lists, it might get confusing when it is all written in black. If these tasks aren’t necessarily related or even for the same goals one day, it can make it easier to use different colored pens for each type of task on the to-do list.


Deciding What to Color Code


You can color code anything and everything in your planner. This might be changing the pen color when making a to-do list, using stickers or highlighters for certain sections ono the calendar pages, or even separating the planner into sections based on the color of the pages. Have fun with it, and remember not only to make ti fun, but to be sure yu are making it more effective, instead of distracting. There is a balance here between being helpful, and going a little overboard.

Start small by taking your monthly calendar for each month, and separating each area into a different color. This might be for things like work, family, and personal life. Or type of event, like holiday, birthday, appointment, or due date.


Worried about doing it wrong?  Don't stress!  Just get started organizing your planner in a way that works for you.  You'll learn and get better as you continue.  The All About Planners blog has a great post here on the 7 Color Coding Mistakes to Avoid.


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