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5 Simple Tips to Picking the Perfect Dollhouse for Every Age

Want to find and select the perfect dollhouse for every age and skill range? Check out these quality picks. Let’s face it.  Finding the right dollhouse and DIY kits for yourself or as a gift can be overwhelming. There is such a wide variety of materials, brands, and types. There's even the scale or size […]

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The #1 Decor Hack for the Ikea Dollhouse (Plus the Unboxing)

The Ikea Flisat Dollhouses are incredibly popular - and with good reason. They are well made with solid wood pine and have an open, airy floor plan that works well with most miniature decors. There are endless design options! I found so many on Pinterest and Instagram that I literally got breathless (and a little […]

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How to Install Dollhouse Wallpaper & Flooring

Brand new dollhouse? Check. Dreamy Mood Board? Check. Actually, bringing those ideas to life in that new dollhouse? Houston, we have a problem… Sometimes, even the best ideas can be a disappointment if we can’t make them into a reality. No worries though! I’ve got you all taken care of with this "How to Install […]

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How to Quickly Create an Awesome Dollhouse Mood Board

It all begins with an idea - or two….ok…..maybe ten. If you’re like me, then you have ALL kinds of decor ideas for your new dollhouse swirling around in your head. Maybe even pictures or scraps of cloth lying around that inspired you at some point. You know that if you could just pull the […]

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