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Add Charm & Color to Your Dollhouse With Traditional Mexican Folk Art Dolls

If you haveMexican or Native American heritage, you might already be aware of traditional Mexican folk art dolls. If not, they could be an excellent addition to your doll collection—and the newest residents of your dollhouse.These dolls have distinctive stylesand are sure to look beautiful out on display or in your dollhouse.   There are […]

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How to Be in the NOW: Mindfulness Through Paper Cutting and Coloring Books

    When you’re busy or under intense stress, it’s hard to stop your mind from racing.  You might worry about your job, your family, your health, the bills and other situations that you can’t necessarily control.  It feels like your brain is running a thousand background apps.   Mindfulness has been a buzzword for […]

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Why Russian Nesting Dolls Can Fit Beautifully into Your Dollhouse Collection

  Let's start our Dolls from Around the World series with the the Russian Nesting Dolls shall we?  They are also known as "Matryoshka" or "Babushka" dolls.  Russian Nesting Dolls are beautifully painted and ingenious dolls with an interesting history, symbolic meanings, and modern-day uses beyond simple holiday decor. With a little imagination, they can […]

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Step by Step Guide on How to Make A Fairy Garden

  Keep reading to learn How to Make a Fairy Garden.   Let your imagination soar by creating a fairy garden!  This is a really fun and unique gardening project that is perfect for beginners.  Fairy gardens are easy to put together, allow you to be as creative as you want, and will become a […]

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3 Crazy Simple Ways You Can Make an Adorable DIY Doll

Do-It-Yourself Dolls   Want to learn how to make a DIY Doll?  Then keep reading below for some fun ideas... As I've written previously, Dollhouses are for Everyone- including your dolls! Hobbyists often gloss over the actual dolls when they are busy refining the finer details of their dollhomes.  Every artist must find the opportunities in their […]

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Considering a Dollhouse Upgrade?

You may have finished building your first dollhouse and thought to yourself: "now what?" When is it time to move on to a bigger dollhouse? Is it reasonable to start over with another kit after devoting so much time to my current house? It is not only reasonable but completely natural to consider moving to […]

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