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January 24, 2022

How to Decorate a Dollhouse on a Shoestring Budget


So your new dollhouse is (finally) assembled and ready for the fun stuff - decorating! If you’re like me, this part can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many choices and price points online, it’s easy to get stuck and not move forward.  Boo!  Nobody wants that.  To decorate a dollhouse on a super tight budget...keep reading below.


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Now, some people enjoy buying a “done for you” dollhouse completely furnished with all the decorations and accessories installed. However, others (like myself) enjoy the process of curating just the right piece of furniture and finding that special accessory to give their own personal touch.  Usually, just a few dollhouse decorating ideas are all you need to start your creative juices flowing.


You can even DIY some beautiful pieces. Since the choice of furniture and accessories can either elevate the style of your dollhouse to that of a collector's item or can create a vast array of pretend play opportunities for children, it is important to give the design process a bit of thought. Below are a few quick tips to help you decorate the dollhouse of your dreams and not spend a fortune doing so.


Dollhouse Wallpaper


free dollhouse wallpaper
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Tip # 1:


Grab Your FREE Dollhouse Wallpapers here! To quickly (and cheaply) add a different look and feel to the style of your dollhouse you can add wallpaper. There are many beautiful and high-quality styles available online. Digital wallpapers are trending now because of their instant access. They are the biggest bang for your buck since you own the downloadable file and can print as many copies as you would like. You can even print on foil or textured paper to try out different looks.

I recommend printing on card stock and using removable tape to install. That way if you want to change the look, later on, you can remove the wallpaper with no damage to your walls. Check out the wallpaper tutorial video here. Wallpaper not only adds color and design but also a bit of texture. This will up the overall coziness factor to your doll home as well. Just be sure to keep the theme or color (even if just 1 color) working throughout your home to keep your design cohesive.


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Miniature Flooring


dollhouse cottage wood floor
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Tip #2


Flooring. This important element adds real-world depth and detail that helps complete the design of yours. The same varieties of flooring available at your local Home Depot are also available for your tiny home. The scaled versions are available at most craft stores and of course online. The cost of flooring adds up quickly depending on the size of your dollhouse.

I highly recommend a DIY for making your own wood or tile floors. Faerilist on Youtube does a great job for realistic miniature wood floors. Digital downloads like this one here are popular as well with easy instant access and realistic designs - not to mention a quick and dirty install! Bonus tip: For a sturdy and easy to clean printable flooring use cardstock or matte photo paper with your digital choices.


DIY Stenciling


dollhouse stencil
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Tip #3


Just like a paint can transform the home you live in, it can do the same with your small home. Sure you can paint the walls, hang a nice picture, and boom! You’re done. But let’s take it up a notch, shall we? Stencils baby. Stencils.

Of course, they have been around as long as scrapbooking, but now stencils are being used in fresh and fun new ways for dollhouse decorating. Royal Design Studio did a quick tutorial way back in 2014, but the trend is really catching on now. Stencils are affordable, reusable, and give multiple design options with one sheet. 


Budget Lighting Ideas


greenleaf willowcrest dollhouse
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Tip #4


Adding in working features like lighting will add to the overall artistry and “cool factor” of your dollhouse. While there are many different kinds of lighting that you can choose (like chandeliers and table lamps), I recommend a “mix and match” approach.

For example, installing low cost LED strips for general lighting and then adding in a fun statement piece like this keeps overall costs down, but delivers on style. LEDs are very cost-efficient and durable as well as you can have various combinations of lights and they do not require any wiring.


Furniture & Accessories


Dollhouse kitchen
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Tip #5


One of the simplest ways to decorate your dollhouse is to just add furniture. Depending on your style and the purpose of your dollhouse - display only or to actually be played with - miniature furniture can be at various price points.

Here again, I recommend a high/low option. Add a few high impact items and then sprinkle in the rest with diy or printable pieces like these.


dollhouse orange sofa
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Mandi from the “Making Nice in the Midwest” blog, does a great job of this mix and match idea. For example, in the picture above, she purchased the kitchen cabinets, chairs, and dishes, but made the vent hood over the stove. She also DIY’d the living room sofa, fireplace, and coffee table along with other accessories. The overall style of her dollhouse is light and airy. It has a “Cozy Modern” feel. The best part is that she was able to achieve this look without breaking the bank.

Hopefully, with these 5 affordable design dollhouse tips in mind, you will be able to decorate the dollhouse of your dreams on a shoestring budget as well.

If you have other budget design ideas, please share! Drop a tip in the comments below. We’re all friends here - so sharing is caring. : ) 


Ready to move to a larger doll's house?  Make sure to check out this helpful post here.



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